The Blue Experience

Blue Cheese, oh I dream of thee, creamy, tangy and sharp. Once last year I tried to make you…but alas my humidity was to dry. So I accept this challenge to once again attempt to make a blue that is creamy and tangy and succulent.

So I began with fresh cows milk, and of course I had to make my cultured butter milk first.

After making my butter milk I then began the process of my butter milk blue.   I feel like sometimes blue cheese is a science experiment and unfortunately you wont know if you succeeded until 6 weeks after you start the cheese. The one thing I should have done was only make one or two blue draining containers and what I made was 4 so it really compressed down as I made my cheese.  It almost looks like a mini blue brie.  Hoping to try it soon in the next week.

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So what to do when you have extra milk? Make more cheese. So I enlisted the help of my daughter to stir and made a Stilton at the same time.  She is a good stirrer.  Stilton began similarly but no butter milk making.  I compressed the cheese possibly longer than necessary but we shall see how it works out.  Right now it’s aging in 85% humidity.  Stay tuned.

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…So jump to a number of weeks later…it was so good it’s gone!




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