Some of Our Four Legged Friends

Kevin and I were raised on horseback.  Nothing particularly well bred and athletic but on four legs no less.  My earliest memories are riddled with galloping over ditches bareback with nothing but a halter shank in my hands.  Kevin’s of riding a pony double with his older brother, knocking off cowboy hats so that they would consequently have to retrieve and gallop to catch-up to the back of a pack string.  It was always a family belief that the best thing for the inside of a kid was the outside of a horse.  As we grew up and pursued our goals, we abandoned our four legged friends only to return to them as adults.

Henrik and Antija on Turbo in late 2007

2008 on Jalapeno

After we had children it was then that we started to search for good horses for our kids to get comfortable on and thus entered Jalapeno!  Her name came about because Henrik at age three was asking when we were going to pick up the Palomino pony and somehow called her Jalapeno and it stuck.  This pony was three when we got her and not quite broke but we drove her and my son and daughter began the process of gentling her by  just being with her.  I think they all fell in love and she stayed with us for 4 great years until the kids out grew her.  There were many days that she would baby sit the kids.  Henrik would saddle her and ride up to ask me to check his cinch, a proud moment in any moms’ life, then off they would ride chasing ghost warriors and picking berries.

Our next great find was a pony who we named Chip.  He’s a mountain welsh pony and is still with us.  I personal wish he was two hands taller and he’d never had made it to the kids.  He’s wonderfully sensitive and honest with that little bit of zip.  I love his expressions and attentiveness and desire to please.  We should all be lucky to own at least one horse like this in our lives.

Chip going for the Goat

Henrik on Chip doing Barrels

As if a in a perpetual search for good horse flesh we came across a great horse named Smokey.  This 16 hand grade quarter horse we originally purchased for my husband for $3500.  This at the time was a large sum of money for us to spend on a horse.  We joke now how we deemed it almost too much, especially since most of our horses had been free.  Free is never free!  Smokey has turned out to be just what we needed.  My daughter rides him in a small Jr. Rodeo series as well as Henrik.  He’s predictable and for the most part takes heed of his rider as long as they don’t ask much of him.  Though not the most athletic horse he has earned his keep in the roping arena, mentoring us all.

Smokey taking care of Antija

I find as a mom I love these animals dearly, if not for the only reason of take such great care of my children, their precious cargo.

Henrik’s first Breakaway roping


  1. I cannot believe children this young can be so skilled at this kind of sport! Incredible!

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