The Blue Experience

Blue Cheese, oh I dream of thee, creamy, tangy and sharp. Once last year I tried to make you...but alas my humidity was to dry. So I accept this challenge to once again attempt to make a blue that is creamy and tangy and succulent. So I began with fresh cows milk, and of course I had to make my cultured butter milk first. After making my butter milk I then began the process of my butter milk blue.   I feel like sometimes blue cheese is a science experiment and unfortunately you wont know … [Read more...]


I originally made my first brie last summer. But I have a good example of what it turns into if you don't wrap it in time! So if you first don't succeed try, try again! So after properly wrapping the brie it's amazing how beautiful it turns out. Only problem is having to much brie to eat all by yourself! … [Read more...]

Jarlsberg the Thermo Cheese!

Well, it took some time to get my act together and get my post up, but's like that, stop and go busy. Jarlsberg is one of the cheeses that I make regularly at the Crazy Mare! I've found my cows Jarlsberg to be quite similar to that you can buy in the store, but the goat is a little denser and the thermo-holes are smaller. I once asked about making a Emmental 4 pound block and a friend said it is next to impossible to get it to work properly because you need to work with such a large … [Read more...]

Glory Bowls

Sadly I can not claim the brilliance behind this recipe-but it is a favorite at the Crazy Mare Ranch.  I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as we do.  Ingredients 8 cups cooked Brown Rice2 cups beets, grated or juilenned2 cups carrots, grated2 cups spinach leaves2 cups cucumber2 cups peppers julenned3-4 cups shredded meat of choice sauteed in a simple sauce of your choice of Teriyaki (can be substituted for tofu)1 cup of the following, almonds toasted, sun flower seeds or pumpkin … [Read more...]

Crazy Mare Chevre Luv

All Great Parties have some great Cheese! My party favorite was the Mango Coconut Curry, mixing the kick of Madras Curry with and little bit of sweet of the Coconut. Second favorite was the Cinnamon topped with fresh Cranberry sauce, comments of "man that's cheese cake on a cracker." All these chevre's were actually made with fresh cows milk which made the texture a bit softer, than traditional chevre made with goats milk. Check out my shop and buy your kit today.  Also you too can easily … [Read more...]


You’ve got to love easy cheese!  Gouda is a great cheese, nice and mild.  Everyone loves Gouda; what’s not to love?  Nice soft texture, mild taste, no strong after taste. Did you know the Dutch are crazy about their Gouda?  Last year when I went to Agassiz, BC to a cheese workshop the head cheese maker said she really couldn’t understand why they are so excited about their cheese, because she claims it’s not even a challenge to make!  But I will say, it is nice to make a cheese that requires … [Read more...]

Peppercorn Asiago with Cows milk

Confession: making cheese with cow’s milk has struck a nerve of fearless Kijiji searching for a Jersey milk cow! I did find one, even called on it, but that is another blog post! I have this dream of a cute little cow, with her brown nose and milk that’s so thick, (rip the needle off the record player sound); I digress! So back to making asiago cheese. I really didn’t find this cheese difficult, just lengthy. If you made it too, you remember the heating of the milk, putting in the … [Read more...]

For Love of Crazy Mare Caerphilly

With Christmas closing in I chose Caerphilly to make for my challenge.  With my kids this is one of our favorite cheeses, and is usually made at our house with goat’s milk.  But since the goats are dry I had to find another milk source.  I used 16 liters of fresh, cow’s milk.  And when I say fresh I mean, not pasteurized and un-homogenized.   I’ve made this cheese so many times and it’s so enjoyable to see the curd form.  I loved working with the cow’s milk and can’t believe how … [Read more...]

Mozzarella Mayhem

It sounds like it should be easy, but of all the cheese I’ve made, Mozzarella has been my nemesis.  Now don’t get offended but at my house we don’t really consider it a “real Cheese.”  I say this because we prefer a cheese with more of a taste, body and age.  So interestingly I knew it would come up as a challenge so I began in September to try to master it.  That’s the thing about me I’m slightly competitive and I just decided that Stretched curd must be mastered. Goat milk trial number one: … [Read more...]

My own Personal Farm House Natural Cheeses Workshop

Like all great travel escapes in November in Alberta, never fails snow dumps and the next thing you know you’re white knuckling it to the airport driving 30 in 100 zone.  Well “neither rain nor snow, nor sleet nor dark of night shall ..” okay you get the picture.  After missing the first flight a West Jet employee named Jeet got me on a flight to Calgary with connection to Abbottsford.  Although all flights left late, I finally arrive got my little Kia rental and drove to Agassiz to check in for … [Read more...]