Peppercorn Asiago with Cows milk

Confession: making cheese with cow’s milk has struck a nerve of fearless Kijiji searching for a Jersey milk cow! I did find one, even called on it, but that is another blog post! I have this dream of a cute little cow, with her brown nose and milk that’s so thick, (rip the needle off the record player sound); I digress!

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So back to making asiago cheese. I really didn’t find this cheese difficult, just lengthy. If you made it too, you remember the heating of the milk, putting in the culture-incubation for 40 minutes, adding CaCl and rennet, and then waiting for that clean break. Then another 45 minutes and the stirring begins. Heat and stir, ya blah, blah blah, and stir some more then heat some more, while stirring… I mean really this cheese is a test in stirring stamina! My cheese matted beautifully! I added the cheese to the press, layered in the peppercorn mix, and pressed for 30 minutes, and then opened and redressed the cheese. After an overnight press I removed the cheese. I brined my cheese and of course before that I had to check the Ph and the salinity and adjust my brine! So enter 20 hours later. At this point I look at my cheese again, and decide to soft wax then hard wax it because some of the peppercorns are on the edge and I am concerned about the entrance of bacteria. It will change the taste, because I am not washing it with a brine and it will retain more moisture internally making it softer in texture. Typically you can age Asiago for over a year much like Parmesan, but I doubt this cheese will make it to summer before it’s eaten! So that’s my Asiago story.


  1. Beautiful cheese, I like the pattern that the cheesecloth gives the cheese. I love that you chose black for the wax colour.

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