Jarlsberg the Thermo Cheese!

Well, it took some time to get my act together and get my post up, but spring…it’s like that, stop and go busy. Jarlsberg is one of the cheeses that I make regularly at the Crazy Mare! I’ve found my cows Jarlsberg to be quite similar to that you can buy in the store, but the goat is a little denser and the thermo-holes are smaller. I once asked about making a Emmental 4 pound block and a friend said it is next to impossible to get it to work properly because you need to work with such a large quantity of milk to allow for the gas expansion. She was surprised that I could get my cheese to turn out. I made this cheese with raw cows milk and you will see that the cream that comes off the top is amazing…everyone should taste this cream at least once in your life!
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I do get some expansion in my cheese, which is really cool. The Jarlsbergs I’ve made have a sharp after taste that lingers on you tongue. The texture is smooth, unless you’ve hurried the stir and heat process and then it becomes chewy. This reminds me of a swiss cheese that I ate as a child…of course that was a Thermo cheese as well.
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I also made a French Tomme last year that we are still eating, or should I say shaving pieces off of. It’s goat, but to taste it you would never know it. It is dry, and as you chew it the explosion of salt, cream, and aged cheese is amazing. A success and very interesting!

French Tomme Made from Goat milk Summer 2012

French Tomme Made from Goat milk Summer 2012


  1. Both are quite beautiful cheeses. The propionic bacteria went nuts in my Jarlsberg, I will have to try it again. I love the colour of your Goat Tomme.


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