Cheese From the Crazy Mare Ranch By The Crazy Mare

There is nothing more rewarding than actually eating the fruits of your labor.  From Goat to table each cheese varies.  Some it’s a matter of hours for a finished product, others its days or months.  Shown on the cheese tray is shown clockwise starting at 12oclock.  Leiden, Caerphilly, Leerdammer, and Gouda all made with goats milk, and aged various days from June 2012 in an aging fridge.

Crazy Mare Cheese Tray


Leiden, is made in my recipe with goats milk but originated in Holland and was made out of semi-skim raw cow’s milk and is considered semi-hard.  I used a cumin seed.  The cheese contains almost no holes, and the cumin seeds give it an exotic flavor.  Typically popular in Holland and Norway(also known as Nokkelost).  Typically it’s lower in fat and is served best with a strong Gewurztaraminer or Acquavit!

Lieden Made from Goats milk


Leerdam also known as Maasdam another semi-hard cheese is known as a very popular European cheese originating in the Netherlands.  A relatively new cheese, produced in the late 1980’s born as a unique blend of Gouda and Emmental.  The holes are supposed to be about 1-3cm in diameter, and it has a minimum 42 day ageing period.  It’s been recommended to try this cheese with fruity dry white wines such as a Soave or red wines with very little tannin but plenty of fruit like Pinot Noir or Valpolicella.

Leerdam also known as Maasdam


Caerphilly, originated in South Wales in the town of Caerphilly, and was first produced in 1832.  It is a moist gently pressed cheese and became popular with Welsh miners trying to replace body fluids and salt lost during labors underground.  It was consider to be a great cheese because it could be produced with excess milk that was not made into cheddar and needs to age only 3 weeks, there by beating the cheddar producers to market.  Though very mild when young it’s aroma intensifies with age and can develop an thick covering a mold on the exterior.  Serving suggest a dry white wine such as a Riesling or Silvaner.







  1. OMG!!!! Is there no end? When can you come to town and make cheese with Addie, Ian and I? What incredible cheeses! You have to TEACH THIS!

    • crazymareranch says:

      Hey Valerie-Well I love cheese! And I really enjoy making it! I would love to come sometime. Now we just need milk! Let me see what I can do! Did you check out my shopping site?


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